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leave all your love and your longing behind

you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive

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[HQs] Harry stops by the SoHo house in LA - 18/9

Dylan catching a fly.


#no offense but raw me from the back


Teen Wolf AU - Fratboy!Derek Verse

In a world in which the Hales are alive and healthy, Derek grew up to be a very self-confident kind of cocky college student who enjoys living life to the fullest and not denying himself simple pleasures; like drinking with his fratboy buddies, playing sports, or, you know, gangly, awkward, sarcastic and nerd-tastic teenagers who catch his eye. Stiles is just here to study, thank you very much. He’s not going to be distracted by unfairly good-looking, charming and kind of arrogant fellow students who think the world revolves around them. He’s not. Even when he discovers Derek isn’t half as dumb and a billion times nicer than he originally thought.

"My last question is about your tweet. Your last tweet about your pillow." [x]